A Locked Door

Continuing down the hallway and into the darkness of the dungeon you explore for a few minutes before coming up against a massive stone door. Set into the wall it appears to be the only other exit in the dungeon.

Made out of iron and twice the height of a man there are no features on the door except what appears to be four keyholes.

Three of the keyholes are empty, one has a long slender gold key inserted and turned to the right.

On the east side of the hallway is a wooden table illuminated by an oil lamp. Set on the table are an assortment of thieve’s tools, files, and bent rods. A rolled out map is pinned to the table.

From what you can see the map shows the surrounding area next to the Drachen Fire Inn. Marked on the map are Castle Bane, an abandoned tower, and an “X” spot deeper into the woods.